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Guerilla Security Service LTD is a Security, Planning, Management Service providing company. Retired officers of the Bangladesh Army having adequate training on security and related matters, both from home and abroad, among others manage the service of the company. Our experience include VVIP security Protection planning of key point Installation (KPI), Aviation security, Planning and securing big industrial projects from its inception till operation and providing security and other essential service to expatriate/local companies, Offices, Factories, and Residential Complexes and other installations.


The company policy is to provide concentrated and quality service without over starching our supervisory system. By this we ensure strict round the clock supervision to maintain the high standard of performance set by us.

Guerilla Security Service LTD


Guerilla Security Service LTD was set up as a Proprietorship Company under the management of the present Managing Director in 2013. With the gradual increase in business, the office was shifted to the present address being centrally located for the convenience of command of control. The company was later registered in 2016 as a private Limited Company under the same management. Guerilla Security Service LTD also received the Trademark Registration from the concerned register of the Government.


Operationally we have divided the 24 hours period into three shift of 08 hours each. There is a Shift Supervisor for each shift for each Zone who reports to their respective zone in charge for, and all operational matters. The Mobile Inspectors in each zone (one each for each Shift) visit each post minimum twice during the day and at least four' times during the night shift for better performance. This arrangement Is however changed time to time depending on the requirement of the individual customer who has a different work schedule. Besides, there are Post Supervisor who arc responsible to supervise a specific post as per the agreement with the client determined by the nature and requirement of the premise anal the deployment of security guards.


The company has a training facility set up in 5th Floor, Narayanganj Press Club, 5 Bangabandhu Sarak, Narayanganj 1400 where both physical training and practical class on security are conducted by a team of instructor formed by ex defense personnel. Academic and practical classes on security duties are taken and tested after the training period Retired and experienced JCO/NCOs from the Army and Orientation Supervisor who have extensive experience on job from the nucleus of the training team under the training Coordination officer who is a retired officer of the Bangladesh Army. All the serving security personnel of the company have to undertake an annual rectification/reorientation training. Besides the management of the company dose a monthly briefing on the security duties and standard to all personnel.

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